John Lennon never seen before photos by Rich Rosen


Here is a very interesting collection of never-before-seen pictures of John Lennon taken by photographer Rich Rosen at the Record Plant in New York City in 1973.

Mr Rosen was at that session on May 12th, 1973 in which John and Yoko were rehearsing for a TV appearance with Elephant’s Memory. John did not perform. He produced.
This recording session was just before John left for L.A. with May Pang in October 1973, what is known as “The Lost Weekend”

Talking of that session, Mr. Rosen said, “You could cut the air with a knife. I don’t think many people knew at the time that the famous couple’s marriage was in turmoil. The tension was off the charts. It must have been very hard for them work together, which is reflected both in the pictures and on the audio.”

“At first, I stayed back, sensing John was in no mood to be photographed for the billionth time. But later that night, when he saw me lying on the floor clicking away, I guess he realized how hard I was working and smiled. With just a look, I knew he had given me permission to enter his world no matter how dark at the time.”

The collection is available for buying on the website unseenlennon.com

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