Lady Madonna promo video

Lady Madonna promo video


Lady Madonna was The Beatles’ first release of 1968, and their final record on Parlophone (Capitol Records in US). All future releases were on Apple Records, their own label.
Written by Paul McCartney was recorded short before the group’s trip to India on 3 and 6 February 1968. They filmed a short promo video for Lady Madonna on 11 February 1968.

Paul McCartney said that this song is a tribute to women everywhere. It was inspired by a picture of an African woman suckling her kid, over the caption “Mountain Madonna.”

The Beatles recorded “Lady Madonna” at the same time they were recording its promotional film. In the video for this song, The Beatles are actually singing “Hey Bulldog” (for the most part). They went in to shoot “Lady Madonna” and John changed it at the last minute to “Hey Bulldog.”


Paul McCartney: vocals, piano, bass, handclaps
John Lennon: backing vocals, lead guitar, handclaps
George Harrison: backing vocals, lead guitar, handclaps
Ringo Starr: drums, handclaps
Ronnie Scott, Bill Povey: tenor saxophones
Harry Klein, Bill Jackman: baritone saxophones

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  1. Este vídeo parece ser el primero que utilizaron para promocionar Lady Madonna, (como dices cuando grabaron Hey Bulldog) y sólo tiene imágenes del 11 de febrero. Después se hizo otro con imágenes de la etapa del doble blanco intercaladas con estas; ese segundo vídeo es el que más encontramos hoy día.

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