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  1. Hi, again.
    I have watched again the German news, and I think maybe that the press conferecne would be 1 only. Because the low quality of this B&W video copy, the Ringo suit seems all gray but this could be red stripped. Really, gray strippes in white, for a B&W bad video quality, could seems all gray. But, then, if this is correct, I really don’t understand why Gettyimages says “second press conference”). Other wise, there is the Epstein clothes, which seems very different. But the place seems the same, although “incomplete”, maybe in construction. Then, I begin to thinking other “theory”: maybe Brian Epstein gone to the palce for veryifing the “scenario montage”, and then that photo would be showing sometime before the press conferecne. Because this, Epstein would be in very different clothes. What you think about this?

  2. Hi. My first comment has disappeared here.
    I re-write then:

    “Hi. According to some photos, videos and information from Gettyimages, I think this is a second press conference at the Bayerischer Hof in June 24, 1966 (as described in similar photos on the Gettyimages website), in which Brian Epstein wears a black suit with tie black (with white dots) and Ringo wears a striped outfit (white and red), as we can see here:
    I presume that at the first press conference Ringo wears a gray suit (or in a single color), as shown in a brief take on a German TV broadcast, and I presume that Brian Epstein wears a gray stripped suit (or a lighter stripped color suit) with a very different tie. I say this based on the fact that the photo in which Epsitein is dressed in this “gray suit” is described at Gettyimages as “German tour”, without specifying the location, and on other sites the same photo appears as “Essen”. See this photo here:
    However, when comparing the photos from the Essen press conference, I notice that the place is different, and that Epstein in “gray suit” appears to be in a press conference at the Bayerischer Hof. Otherwise, the photos in which Epstein appears in the black suit are described on Gettyimages as a “second press conference at Bayerischer Hof”, then I think that there are 2 press conferences in Munich.
    Otherwise, the Essen press conference photos which I have seen shows Epstein in a black suit, without tie, and with patterned shirt, and he use sunglasses too. Very diffent of the “gray suit” photo, as we can see here:

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