John Lennon & Paul McCartney: Apple Press Conference 5/14/1968

On May 1968, John Lennon and Paul McCartney traveled to New York City, to announce the Beatles’ newly-formed company, Apple. They held a press conference at 1:30pm on the 14th at New York’s Americana Hotel. Later, John and Paul would tape an interview with TV-station WNDT and in the evening they made special appearance on […]

John Lennon David Bowie with Yoko Ono

David Bowie tells a story about John Lennon

From a speech David Bowie gave to the Berklee College of Music’s Class of 1999…
“It’s impossible for me to talk about popular music without mentioning probably my greatest mentor, John Lennon. I guess he defined for me, at any rate, how one could twist and turn the fabric of pop and imbue it with elements from other artforms, often producing something extremely beautiful, very powerful and imbued with strangeness