Beatles in 1968 by Michael Herring

Unseen 1968 Beatles pictures and Paul leaving the band (?)


Two days ago Daily Mail published the story of Michael Herring, a Beatles’ fan who shared a day with the Fab Four in 1968, while they were rehearsing for the White Album at George’s house. He also took some pictures, never published before. Herring claims George brings with him a resignation letter from Paul McCartney.

Michael Herring realized every Beatles’ fan daydream: spending a day with his idols. It was 1968 and he was 19 year old. At the time he was studying art in Kensington, West London, and having John’s  address through a friend, he knocked at his door on May 28, 1968.
He spent some time with John and Yoko, then the Beatle invited him to the band’s rehearsals for what became “The Beatles” album, better known as “The White Album”.

Together they drove to Kinfauns -George’s Surrey bungalow- where Mr Herring captured his never published before images. He was introduced to Ringo Starr and Pattie Boyd. Paul was not there.

Then came a delivery guy carrying a letter. George read it and passed it to John.
‘I understood it was a letter from Paul’s attorney saying Paul wanted to quit the band. It was as if they were expecting he wasn’t coming that day. They didn’t seem that surprised. I can only paraphrase, but I recall George saying, “It’s from Eastmans and he’s not coming. Paul is quitting.” ’
The letter can be viewed in the pictures where George have a piece of paper in his shirt pocket

The Beatles spent the rest of the day rehearsing and later, Lennon gave him a lift back to the station. Mr Herring kept his day with the Beatles under wraps for 47 years.

As Mark Lewisohn said the other day, the photographs are fantastic but there are some doubts on the revelations about Paul’s resignation letter.
Herring, now living in Australia, insists his memories of events at Harrison’s house are correct.

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