The Beatles Lybro Jeans

The Beatles advertise for Lybro Jeans

In 1963 Lybro Limited, a Liverpool jeans company, asked the Beatles to advertise their jeans.
In May 1963, the lads were photographed for the advertisement and the pics were used to create a flyer with the drawings of the Beatles.
5 pics of that session emerged in 2004, one for each Beatles and one for the group.

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3 comments on “The Beatles advertise for Lybro Jeans

  1. Hello, thank you for this story ! I am a French journalist and I am looking for Richard Cooper, who is surely still alive today, to interview him and find the original photos because I am making a big documentary for french TV on the history of jeans through the ages ! Do you have the beginning of a lead for my research; ) ?

    Thank you very much for your help and sorry for my poor English!

  2. Hi. I am the grandson of the managing director, Harold Lamkin of Lybro, and would be happy to share some of the story. My mum met the Beatles at the time and knows Richard Cooper.

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